Become a certified IT professional
in just 3 months!

Change2IT is the training program you need if you want to land a well-paing job and a great career in the IT field. During the 3-month period of the training we will guide you from the basics to the in-depht details you will need for the day-to-day work as an Oracle Database Administrator or IT Infrastructure Expert.

The future of Europe's IT needs you

The predicted need for IT workforce in 2020

By 2020 there will be a shortage nearly of 900.000 skilled ICT workers in Europe - shows a study created by the European Union.

This is why we created Change2IT program.

You can find plenty of coding schools, with a lot of state of the art technologies, but IT is much more than programming. Our true love is infrastructure engineering, and this is why we built our retraining program around database administration. Every IT company behaves different, and so is every job. Our goal is not to teach you everything, that is impossible, but we want to give you the mindset and knowledge to be able to become a real IT professional.


What does a DBA do?

​The vast majority of software systems are built around data. They collect, modify and display the data. Or they help to make decisions based on that data. The data is predominantly kept in software systems called databases. Really big databases are overwhelmingly Oracle Relational Database Management Systems (Oracle RDBMS).

The database management systems need experts to take care of them. They are the masters and the guardians of data, often the wizards of data protection and data processing.
They are called Database Administrators.


Sounds interesting, right?

Then keep on exploring!


Program overview

12-week long training in English
3 exams
Altogether 3 weeks of in-class training in Budapest
Be a tourist
90-minute long Live Virtual Trainings 3x a week
Oracle Certified Associate or Professional Certificate at the end of the program

The 3 elements of the training


  • Lots of learning materials

  • Multiple Oracle courses

  • Classroom trainings

  • Educational videos

  • On- and offline sessions


  • Hands-on labs

  • Quizzes

  • Mentoring


  • Exam preparations

  • Practice Exams

  • 3 Oracle Certification Exams:

  • Oracle Certified SQL Associate

  • Oracle Certified Database Associate

  • Oracle Certified Database Professional

Learn in Budapest

During the 3-month period of the training, there are three weeks of contact training which will set place in Budapest.

We are sure you already know how wonderful a city Budapest is, but let us point out some its most magical assets.


Our previous students said...



During the 3 months long training I made a lot of progress both from a professional and from a personal perspective.
It gave us all a strong basis to develop further.
My team skills also jumped to a new level during a week when we had to study without an instructor and we were expected to work together, help each other. We were given a project to work on together as a team. 



I had the luck to participate in an Oracle Database Administrator training. It was an intense and interesting 3 months. I felt drained after each day had ended, but I got better at understanding the tasks and responsibilities of a DBA. The lessons were taught by experienced teachers and or veteran DBA-s. With the extra time I spent studying at weekends at the end of the training I was exhausted. Although exhausted I landed a job at a bank after a month, and I've been working there since. 
I'm very thankful for the opportunity to have learnt here.

Kormos Máté.png


I already had some IT knowledge in my pocket when the training started and I gladly experienced that I was able to help the others. It was a good feedback.
Although our schedule had been really tight everyone could take the exam at the end and most of us also got immediate job offers.